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Addr: in the north of Jining
Tel: +86537-2599990
Fax: +86537-2599990
E-mail: kt@chemicalkt.com
Website: http://www.chemicalkt.com
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 Shandong Kangtai Chemical Industy Co., Ltd., formerly known as Jining choline factory, was founded in 1982. The city of Jining here have a beautiful ecological environment, known as "the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, the canal" reputation. Here convenient transportation network, the geographical position is superior, the Beijing Shanghai, Beijing Kowloon Line Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Beijing high-speed, Jackie Xu Gaosu runs through the north and south, along the front of high speed lan. The company has strong technical strength, advanced equipment and technology, mainly in the production of choline chloride as the leading products, annual production capacity of 120 thousand tons, more than 80% of products for export, has a partnership with Europe, North and South America, Australia, Africa and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

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Addr:in the north of Jining  Tel:+86537-2599990    
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